Group Classes


Using gloves and focus pads, you will be taught basic technique and combinations to give you a varied class that involves speed, strength, agility and coordination. Benefits include weight loss, increase in muscle tone and strength, increased endurance and fitness as well as stress release!

A combination of strength, cardio and endurance exercises. Circuit helps you to reach your desired health and fitness goals. Each class can consist of exercise stations, barbells to boxing, jogging and skipping etc.

Caters for all levels, combines the use of varied water levels, equipment, circuits and fun combinations. Excellent cardiovascular and muscle toning using water resistance.

Looking to deeply relax, open and release stress from both your body and mind? Our Yoga classes provide a safe way to begin a new yoga practice or deepen your advanced practice. Learn mindful breathing and relaxation techniques. Experience passive stretches that leave you feeling restored.

Mat class utilising breathing techniques and exercises specific to core strength and stability. Improve your posture, gain flexibility and firmness by moving muscles through their full range of motion while increasing muscle strength and flexibility.

This 1 hour squad focuses on stroke correction and general aerobic fitness. It is for swimmers who enjoy training alongside others to increase fitness, prepare for participation in social competition and to have fun.

Senior Fit & Healthy
Low to moderate intensity exercise program - Regular participation can help manage weight, blood pressure and cholesterol, Improve fitness, balance, co-ordination and flexibility. So come along exercise at your own pace, meet new people and have fun.