Personal Training

Are you interested in personal training?

Coogee Diggers offers members qualified trainers that can write personalised programs, perform fitness assessments and provide the one on one motivation to help you reach your goals.

Contact Tom on 9578 6677 or for more info or to set up a complimentary consultation.

Half Hour Sessions
3 Pack: $120, 5 Pack: $200, 10 Pack $350.

Hour Sessions
5 Pack: $350, 10 Pack $650

Why hire a personal trainer?

We will help you lose weight by educating you, helping you set goals, tracking your progress and making you accountable for your actions.

If you lack motivation your trainer will be there for you at all times, they will help structure your routines and workouts and motivate you to reach your goals.

Our experienced and well qualified personal trainers will ensure that your workout is right for you and show you the correct way to perform your exercises.

With such little ‘you’ time it is important to have a workout that is time efficient and gives you the results that you require.
Your personal trainer will design a programme that fits in with you therefore making it easier to reach your goal without the excuse of ‘I don’t have time!’

If you have a reason that you need a trainer e.g. you want to train for a marathon or you have specific health concerns a personal trainer has the experience and knowledge to tailor a program that is right for you.

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