Personal Training

Are you interested in personal training?

Coogee Diggers offers members qualified trainers that can write personalised programs, perform fitness assessments and provide the one on one motivation to help you reach your goals.

Contact Tom on 9578 6677 or for more info or to set up a complimentary consultation.

Half Hour Sessions
3 Pack: $99, 5 Pack: $160, 10 Pack $310.

Hour Sessions
5 Pack: $310, 10 Pack $600
Personalised Program: $70
Fitness Assessment: $35

Why hire a personal trainer?

We will help you lose weight by educating you, helping you set goals, tracking your progress and making you accountable for your actions.

If you lack motivation your trainer will be there for you at all times, they will help structure your routines and workouts and motivate you to reach your goals.

Our experienced and well qualified personal trainers will ensure that your workout is right for you and show you the correct way to perform your exercises.

With such little ‘you’ time it is important to have a workout that is time efficient and gives you the results that you require.
Your personal trainer will design a programme that fits in with you therefore making it easier to reach your goal without the excuse of ‘I don’t have time!’

If you have a reason that you need a trainer e.g. you want to train for a marathon or you have specific health concerns a personal trainer has the experience and knowledge to tailor a program that is right for you.

meet our trainers

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Head Personal Trainer
Over 8 years experience in the Fitness Industry
Cert III in Fitness and Cert IV in Personal Training
Master Functional Trainer
Boxing and Group Fitness Instructor

About me:
I’m a down to earth easy going guy that loves sport and fitness

I became a personal trainer because:
Playing competitive sport I have always had a passion for fitness. Being overweight in my late teens I have gone through a personal journey and I love helping people that are going through the same thing

I specialise in:
Weight loss and nutrition

I love the fitness centre because:
It has a friendly and welcoming environment

My approach to fitness is:
IBalance is the key! Diets don’t work, know what you are putting into your body and what it is doing to you.

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Cert III Fitness, Cert IV Personal Training , MMA Fitness, PunchFit Trainer and Remedial Massage

About me:
Adventurer by day, sleeper by night. Any chance I have to get away I will take, I love the sun, surf & outdoors

I became a personal trainer because:
Health & fitness is a huge part of my lifestyle. I would go insane daydreaming in a cubicle. Being able to share this motivation with others and help them achieve their goals is extremely fulfilling

I specialise in:
Functional and sports specific training. Weight loss and management

I love the fitness centre because:
We are a centre focused on health, not ego. The staff know the members, the members know the members, and the members know the staff

My approach to fitness is:
Don’t train for aesthetics, train for athletics. Choose a sport, Activity that you wish to achieve, and train/eat the way that an athlete would. Your body will naturally adapt.

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Cert III in Fitness and Cert IV in Personal Training
Kids Fitness
Boot camp and Circuit Training Instructor  

About me:
I’m a fun, down to earth single mum, who fell in love with the fitness industry. I went through a life changing transformation and now I want to help others do the same.

I became a personal trainer because:
I want to show others that anything is possible if you want it bad enough. You just have to believe.

I specialise in:
Weight loss and fitness

My approach to fitness is:
To be able to help my clients enjoy exercise, get results and help them believe in themselves.